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Steel plate satellite shaft and PCB satellite shaft, do you play to understand?

Steel plate satellite shaft and PCB satellite shaft, do you play to understand?

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For those who like keyboards, the satellite shaft should be no stranger. As a linkage, the satellite shaft provides support to the large keys and balances the feel of the large keys.

According to the type can be distinguished as satellite shaft and balance bar, according to the installation method can be divided into steel satellite shaft and pcb satellite shaft.

The first is fixed in the positioning plate of the steel plate satellite shaft, it is the use of the above clips fixed in the keyboard positioning plate, this satellite shaft removal is convenient, so the application is more widely used, often used in mass production mechanical keyboard. Steel plate satellite shaft is used to locate the plate fixed way, and pcb satellite shaft is different, if the later need to tune, only need to remove the corresponding keys of the shaft can be disassembled, convenient for the later tuning, the disadvantage is that because of the inconsistency of the positioning version of the hole, there will be a loose and tight situation.

The second pcb satellite shaft is fixed on the pcb satellite shaft. Commonly used in the custom keyboard. Keyboard with which satellite shaft, or mainly depends on the keyboard PCB, first of all, the satellite shaft wire should be straight. Because the use of screws fixed way, so it will be a lot stronger than the steel satellite shaft, do not have to worry about the positioning plate cut inconsistencies lead to satellite shaft is too loose or too tight, the disadvantage is that the later tuning will be more trouble, because the satellite shaft is fixed first and then the positioning plate installation and shaft installation, so must be installed before the shaft tuning, especially some welding pcb, if you want to install the shaft body and then tuning satellite shaft, then you can only remove the shaft all, it will be very troublesome.

Satellite shaft as an essential component is the key to affect the feel of the keyboard big keys, steel satellite shaft and PCB satellite shaft have their own advantages and disadvantages, the two functional structure is the same, fixed in different ways.


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