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Based on 1891 reviews

This website is a scam, i have not received my order and it has been almost a month, contacting them is also hopeless as they do not respond

Ahegao Anime Side-Backlit Keycap
Jahmal B. (United States)
Decent Keycaps or the price

The keycaps arrived well packaged - no issues there.
Upon opening them, they generally are of good quality. Upon inspection of the keys, I noticed that they weren't masked / laser marked cleaning, and they're 'muddy / unclear' when looking at them visually and harder to see when placed on the keyboard.

PBT Senpai Keycaps
Aphirak N. (Australia)
Do not order

I have ordered these almost a month ago and they have been stuck on shipping since. Tried emailing support and got no response.

VIOR Keycaps
Calvin M. (United States)

This website is a scam, I never got my package of 2 switch sets. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE.

Dracula Keycap
Justin C. (United States)
Decent, but a bit disappointed with the coloration issues.

The key caps feel nice and the packaging was good too. I ordered these late December and it arrived at the date of this review. There was a fair bit of discoloration on the spacebar though. Even without good lighting, the change in color is very noticeable and is further exacerbated in good lighting. Don’t let this stop you from purchasing from them. I’d just stick to the keycaps that are more popular and pay close attention to the details on the renders.

Plastic Keycap
Daniel (Mexico)
Excellent quality

The quality is excellent for the price, the keycaps does not feel cheap at all.

CIDOO V75 IBM Finalkey Mechanical Keyboard
Tracey M.B. (United States)

CIDOO V75 IBM Finalkey Mechanical Keyboard

PBT Metropolis Keycaps
Nick K. (United States)

PBT Metropolis Keycaps

Black on Black Keycaps
Ying H.W. (Canada)

Black on Black Keycaps

PBT Black Star War Keycaps
Brian A. (Germany)
Quality Key Caps

Shipping took a little longer than indicated but overall were delivered about 18 days after order was placed. Quality if the key caps are nice, smoother and better sound than my previous ABS key caps. All the print and symbols look great. Only unfortunate aspect was did not measure my space bar before hand and only after realized mine was a 6.5 not a 6.25.

WOB Keycaps
G-mo (United States)
Navy blue, not black keycaps

I tried to cancel the order after realizing black PBT keycaps aren't truly black, but they didn't answer in time so now I'm stuck with these keycaps and have to spend money to ship them back if I want to return them. Not bad cherry keycaps if you like navy, but just a frustrating situation all around.

Aifei Green Keycap
Andre R. (United Kingdom)

Aifei Green Keycap

Old School Retro-9009 Keycap
A.G. (United States)

These are an excellent value set of dye-sublimated PBT caps.

Old School Retro-9009 Keycap
Jocy R. (United States)
You get what you pay for

These are super cool. I've been using them for months now and don't have any complaints about them.

Love it

For a pre-built, this keyboard is a pretty good deal! If you want something that's stock, isn't too loud (the board sounds a bit quieter and more muted than my other more premium aluminum boards despite modding & trying other switches) and looks great, I definitely recommend these!

Also, I couldn't find info on these switches but ended up loving it after trying a bunch of other switches on the board.

Btw, if you want a clearer sound, I highly recommend buying a set of PBT keycaps you like. The board sounds a bit clearer after I put on some retro 9009 PBT keycaps.

Brilliant all round!

Fantastic board. RGB lighting is lovely and not overly bright. Layers and functions are easily customisable, including the rotary dial. Board is well made and sturdy and the Quark Matte switches work perfectly with it. Hard pressed to find a better board in the £130 region!!!

The V65 keyboard is one of the best mechanical keyboards I have ever used and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a compact, wireless and versatile keyboard. Epomaker support also managed to solve my issue in just a few days.

I love it!!!

For a person who wants their first costume keyboard but don't want to build it, and have a budget of $130 to $160, I highly recommend this keyboard! Coming from a "gaming" and apple keyboard, this is my favorite to keyboard to use for studies, work and for chill gaming.

My Favorite Keyboard so far

Probably one of my favorite 65% keyboards I have. This is was my 7th keyboard purchase and I reach for this one way more than my others. I love the color, the switches sound amazing and satisfying. The Media **** is on the smaller side which does take some to get used to. However, the built of this keyboard makes up of it. It's also one of my heaviest keyboard I own. The most important thing is the price. For what you pay for, you'd think this was a $500 custom built.

CIDOO ABM098 Finalkey Mechanical Keyboard
capitangamer88 (United States)

Beautiful keyboard Top quality materials, the black version has its charm with its barely transparent surface.


O teclado é bem pesado e robusto, possível de sentir a qualidade do material ao toque, o som dos switches é gostoso, não é ardido. O **** de volume parece que não, mas faz toda diferença, muito pratico. O melhor teclado que eu tive até hoje

Amazing Keyboard.

This thing is incredibly well made. One of the best-built keyboards I've ever used is this one. Keycaps have fantastic sound and feel. The keyboard sounds so satisfying, and I can type on it for hours. RGB is excellent and is fully customizable. Plus, **** gives me more control over my media. Definitely the best 100% keyboard.

Gradient Green Keycaps
Smith V. (United States)
great keycaps

Great quality and feel and fit the theme of my keyboard perfectly. Also let a good amount of light through, not too much.

PBT EVA Keycaps
Maria S. (Portugal)

purchased from here, living in europe thought it would take a long time to arrive but not at all! arrived in less than two weeks and looks exactly like the picture! will purchase from here again!!! :3