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Keyboard "light pollution" of the happy original here

Keyboard "light pollution" of the happy original here

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What is an RGB keyboard? To put it simply, it is a keyboard where each key can be switched to any color and become a different color.

RGB keyboard means a keyboard that can be customized with backlight colors. rgb stands for red, green, blue three channels of color composed of different kinds of colors, rgb mechanical keyboard shaft is installed with LED guide column, can be set according to the need to emit various colors of bright light, according to the player's demand for color, can be adjusted as you wish.

The function of light adjustment, may be for example like the single light, it does not have these functions, only the function of turning on and off. The light effect of the mixed light version is fixed at the factory and cannot be changed; the light effect of the RGB version can be modified by the shortcut keys on top of some brand keyboards, and can also be modified by the driver of this keyboard to define the light color by yourself.

  • Light effect adjustment method.

1, FN + INSERT, open the light effect adjustment; 2, FN + 12345678, open 8 kinds of light effect mode; 3, FN + ↑ ↓, open the light effect light and dark adjustment; 4, FN + ← →, open the light effect speed adjustment; 5, FN + 9, close the light effect adjustment. Mechanical keyboard lighting how to adjust the specific way need to see the settings of each keyboard.

Basically, RGB lighting effects than the front of the single light and mixed light to a lot more, and can also modify the settings through the driver to define their own lighting effects.


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