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171 Keys ABS DOUBLE SHOT Hammerhead-Dark Keycaps

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    Yong Qiu
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    Theme Hammerhead-Dark Keycap
    Layout ISO & ANSI Layout
    Craft ABS Double Shot
    Height Cherry Profile
    Language English
    Number of Keys 173 Keys
    Shifts Key included 1u, 1.25u, 1.75u, 2u, 2x2.25u, 2.75u
    Spacebars Keys included 2.25u, 2.75u, 3u, 2x6.25u, 7u
    Enter Keys ISO enter, ANSI enter
    Compatibility MX Switch Mechanical Keyboard
    Feeling Smooth but also a little bit grainy, it is advanced ABS even that has a longer lifespan because we used a better craft and material to produce it.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    TinoP (United States)
    Great keycaps

    This is my first foray into mechanical keyboards and replacement keycaps. The quality of these are really nice. Although I don't have much to compare to I'd say these are a great value for what all you get. I definitely don't have any complaints so far. Hope to buy more soon.


    For the price they are a great value. Really good quality. They are an almost perfect clone of the Hammerheads except that the real hammerheads actually have hammerhead shark novelties but otherwise the texture is pretty good and they sound really good. Decent thickness. I legit bought these so this aint a fake review. The only gripe I would have with them that some of the printing is slightly off but you really don't notice it unless you're really looking for it. Would buy another set again for sure.

    Tai D.

    Can't complain much because of how good of a deal these are. The only negative thing I could say about them is the legend (font printing on the keycaps - specifically the modifier keys) is pretty bad... Particularly the scale of lowercase letters compared to uppercase. (notice the n on the Enter key is nearly the same height as the E)
    However for me, that's not something I notice unless I'm staring at my keyboard for some reason & it's easily something I find acceptable considering the keycap set is great in every other regard & is priced so well.

    Dylan J. (Australia)
    good colors and decent legends

    Some of the modifier legends are a little wonky but I love the colors and the kitting is excellent

    Cinnamon H.

    love them, but the delivery can be faster.

    Evans I.

    I'm relatively new to mechanical keyboards but I can say with absolute certainty that these are some truly outstanding keycaps. They look, feel and sound like a real premium product without the crazy price tag.

    Thoroughly recommended for anyone new to mechanical keyboards who wants to get a feel for how different keycaps can completely change the feel and look of a board.

    Nania D.
    Great set of keycaps

    First off I need to mention I'm new to the mechanical keyboard hobby. I put these key caps on a Razer Blackwidow V3 Pro so I am sharing pictures with the keyboard lights on and off. The keys are very nice colors and feel of good quality. If you do not want to buy a really expensive set then these are the way to go. For the price they are really good and I must say I'm very happy with them.

    Dinosaur J.

    I bought two sets of these keycaps. I put these Hammerhead light on my main board (GMMK Pro in Arctic White), as well as my number pad (EPOMAKER GK21S). I also have the dark set on my travel board (KBD67 Lite R3). This is my first set of ABS keycaps - I previously had a set of AKKO PBT caps on this keyboard. They feel great, and sound really nice as well. After one week of use, I haven’t noticed any shine on the keycaps, so I’m hoping for some good durability on these. The legends aren’t perfect on the modifiers or enter/backspace, but that’s really nitpicky. I’ve noticed that the keycaps fit a little bit looser than the AKKO set that I previously had, but they do not wobble when typing. I think these keycaps look great, and so does the dark set. For $50, I think these are about as good as it gets.

    Vaughn E.

    Best keycap and many keys for many layout, straight spacebar, nice quality

    Waino L.

    Great colors and overall build quality. Not sure about the legends and/or inner layer, but they are definitely double shot with a PBT outer layer. My only complaint is that the text on the legends for anything other than the alphas is... inconsistent at best. I bought two samurai and two hammerhead kits, and the quality varies on each but the legends are the obvious flaw with these kits. Still hard to complain for the price.