CIDOO V65 V2 Finalkey Mechanical Keyboard KIt

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Harga reguler $129.99
Harga reguler Harga obral $129.99


ITEM V65 Keyboard CIDOO
ABOUT 65% VIA-Programmable hotswappable Mechanical Keyboard with Metal Rotary Knob
MOUNT TYPE Gasket-mounted
CONNECTIVITY Bluetooth & USB-C wired & 2.4Ghz wireless
STABILIZER Plate-mounted
PORON Poron Foam Sound Dampening
RGB South-facing LED
HOT-SWAPPABLE  Yes, suit for 3-pin & 5-pin switches
DIMENSION 320*119*45mm
WEIGHT 1.32kg


  • CIDOO V65 Keyboard Kit
  • Switch Puller
  • Instruction Manual
  • USB Cable
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
M. (United States)
Love it

For a pre-built, this keyboard is a pretty good deal! If you want something that's stock, isn't too loud (the board sounds a bit quieter and more muted than my other more premium aluminum boards despite modding & trying other switches) and looks great, I definitely recommend these!

Also, I couldn't find info on these switches but ended up loving it after trying a bunch of other switches on the board.

Btw, if you want a clearer sound, I highly recommend buying a set of PBT keycaps you like. The board sounds a bit clearer after I put on some retro 9009 PBT keycaps.

Ollie T. (United States)
Brilliant all round!

Fantastic board. RGB lighting is lovely and not overly bright. Layers and functions are easily customisable, including the rotary dial. Board is well made and sturdy and the Quark Matte switches work perfectly with it. Hard pressed to find a better board in the £130 region!!!

Anonymous (United States)

The V65 keyboard is one of the best mechanical keyboards I have ever used and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a compact, wireless and versatile keyboard. Epomaker support also managed to solve my issue in just a few days.

Iriana B. (United States)
I love it!!!

For a person who wants their first costume keyboard but don't want to build it, and have a budget of $130 to $160, I highly recommend this keyboard! Coming from a "gaming" and apple keyboard, this is my favorite to keyboard to use for studies, work and for chill gaming.

Yamilet (United States)
My Favorite Keyboard so far

Probably one of my favorite 65% keyboards I have. This is was my 7th keyboard purchase and I reach for this one way more than my others. I love the color, the switches sound amazing and satisfying. The Media **** is on the smaller side which does take some to get used to. However, the built of this keyboard makes up of it. It's also one of my heaviest keyboard I own. The most important thing is the price. For what you pay for, you'd think this was a $500 custom built.