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171 Keys ABS DOUBLE SHOT Hammerhead-Light Keycaps

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    Yong Qiu
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    Theme Hammerhead-Light Keycap
    Layout ISO & ANSI Layout
    Craft ABS Double Shot
    Height Cherry Profile
    Language English
    Number of Keys 173 Keys
    Shifts Key included 1u, 1.25u, 1.75u, 2u, 2X2.25u, 2.75u
    Spacebars Keys included 2.25u, 2.75u, 3u, 2x6.25u, 7u
    Enter Keys ISO enter, ANSI enter
    Compatibility MX Switch Mechanical Keyboard
    Feeling Smooth but also a little bit grainy, it is advanced ABS even that has a longer lifespan because we used a better craft and material to produce it.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Good for a budget set? No, they're good period.

    I have no idea where this manufacturer came from, but from the perspective of someone who owns (And paid $300) for a GMK set and owns ePBT ABS sets, these 17 or so ABS $50 sets are a bombshell. I've bought 3 of them, and I'm selling my GMK set. They're comparable in quality to any high end keycaps on the market. The only place they miss the mark is in the legends of larger keys like backspace. The word 'backspace' on backspace isn't the straightest of lettering. You might not even notice unless you're side by side with a genuine GMK set, but some may. They also might not support obscure layouts like 40%, but they fit 60, 65, 75 and TKL great.

    In terms of overall quality they're as thick as ePBT's ABS doubleshot sets, so they look feel & sound great without bleeding light, and no caps are too loose or too tight. Colors are great, and since they're doubleshot ABS there's no worry about it ever wearing off. Not a single bent spacebar or mod in any of my sets either. The packaging isn't as premium as GMK's, which I don't mind, especially for the price difference.

    The only relevant criticism I'd give to them unless you're super picky about legends, is that they're unlicensed clones of out of production sets. Since they're no longer sold, it's hard to feel too bad though, especially when these exist as a giant middle finger to scalpers and flippers the hobby over.

    Cathrine Z.

    Pretty good for the price. Some of the legends look goofy, but I can tolerate it.

    Cydney S.

    So yes 쁩 etc.. asap. thank you so much

    Linda H.

    Received this keycap within 10 days. It is quite fast for the delivery. The seller has wrapped the parcel well.

    Marcus B.

    Great colors and overall build quality. Not sure about the legends and/or inner layer, but they are definitely double shot with a PBT outer layer. My only complaint is that the text on the legends for anything other than the alphas is... inconsistent at best. I bought two samurai and two hammerhead kits, and the quality varies on each but the legends are the obvious flaw with these kits. Still hard to complain for the price.

    William J.

    I just want you to know that I really like the feel and the look of the keycaps.

    Flement C.

    Nice quality and nothing is missing


    will buy more.

    Madelyn S.

    This is a good double-shot keycap. It’s good quality for the price. Typing feels a little bit rough for me but that’s ok. I think maybe it’s not a 100% abs or something mixed together but that’s acceptable. This is a good keycap set and surely it’s worth to buy.

    Dinosaur I.

    The material is superb, got nothing to complain on thus keycaps!