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173 Keys ABS DOUBLE SHOT Olivia Keycaps ISO ANSI Layout with 6.25U 7U Space Keycap



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    Yong Qiu
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    Theme Olivia Keycap
    Layout ISO & ANSI Layout
    Craft ABS Double Shot
    Height Cherry Profile
    Language English & Chinese
    Number of Keys 173 Keys
    Shifts Key included 1u, 1.25u, 1.75u, 2u, 3x2.25u, 2x2.75u, 3u
    Spacebars Keys included 2x6.25u, 7u
    Enter Keys ISO enter, ANSI enter
    Compatibility MX Switch Mechanical Keyboard
    Feeling Smooth but also a little bit grainy, it is advanced ABS even that has a longer lifespan because we used a better craft and material to produce it.



    Real Shot Images from Yong Qiu

    Just keycaps, not keyboards 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Oisin O. (United States)
    They are great

    They look great and sound great.

    Anonymous (United Kingdom)
    Terrific Caps

    These are fantastic clones of the GMK Olivia set for those of us who never intend to fork out the ridiculous sums of money for the originals.

    I have these installed on my Keychron Q1 with some Gateron Oil Kings and I can say this is pretty much the perfect setup.

    Nice thick doubleshot caps, with some texture to them and a great feel. Very thocky on my board. Yes the lettering typography on some of the keys is not quite up the GMK standards but I like the quirkiness of it and I am not obsessive about every last detail to the point where I want to spend hundreds on a keycap set.

    Thank you for supporting UK ISO and please continue this for future clones. Looking forward to buying many more sets.


    oh my goodness...these caps are just the best

    Matthew K.

    Fantastic quality, great colors, look and sound great. Double shot ABS at $40? A no brainer.

    Jone L.

    "The iconic Olivia keycap set is in my opinion one of the most aesthetically pleasing keycap sets. I believe these are by far the best ones I've encountered. For one, typical copy will often use text-only on their function keys (enter, backspace, shift) whereas these (like the original Olivia keycaps) contain the text and the symbol (arrows). You can compare the 'enter' key with this set and any other Olivia clones and notice the difference.

    It's not just the legends used however as this is the ONLY Olivia clone set that contains a 2u shift. My favorite layout is a 64 key layout and unfortunately, almost all Olivia do not contain a 2u left shift. This leaves you with one the options to use the 1.75 left shift (leaving a lot of room on both sides, or using the 2u ""0"" key which is typically white and throws off the color. Luckily, this set does indeed come with a 2u shift so this has been an absolute godsend to accommodate 64-key layout users.

    Some other notes are that the alpha-numeric keys are not a pure white, rather they're a tad closer to off-white which work alright but I do think I would have preferred a pure white. The off-white unfortunately gives the appearance of a slightly used set of keycaps. It's a small nitpick, but one that I hope doesn't get worse if the alpha-numeric keys begin to show their age or yellow.

    Lastly, the keycaps appear generally uniform with clean legends. I'm not super nitpicky in this area so take that for what you will. Oddly, these keycaps performed poorly on some cheaper boards I've tested them on. For some strange reason, they were very muted and didn't have a striking sound profile. I've tested them against other cherry-profile keycaps. However, I am currently using them on a gasket-mounted acrylic keyboard and they sound wonderful. Easily outperformed the other cherry-profile keycaps I used beforehand.

    Overall, I will still give this set a 5/5. They do a lot right. My main gripe is that the white keycaps are more off-white and I think having them in pure white would have been preferable. The off-white gives off a ""used"" appearance but it's a rather small concern. I think these are the most accurate Olivia clones available and also include a 2u left shift making them one of the only Olivia I've encountered that are 64-key layout compatible."