What is the difference between profiles?

What is the difference between profiles?

Key Feature: Sounds, Texture Feeling, Typing, Appearance, Practicality

Mechanical keyboard keycap have various height, it not only affects the overall height of the keyboard, but also changes the height and strength of the finger strike, so in the choice of keycap we need to do know what exactly differences between these height.

The more common heights are: Cherry Profile, XDA Profile, OEM Profile, DSA Profile, MDA Profile, SA Profile.

Cherry profile: Popular profile, Easy typing, Less mistake touch.

It produced in Germany (Cherry is a mechanical keyboard brand), Cherry profile is the same as the Cherry keyboard is used to keycap height, easy to get started, has general texture feeling and hearing, not easy to accidentally touch, by most users like.

OEM Profile: Less mistake touch, Good sounds

OEM is the abbreviation of OEM manufacturers, has general feel of texture, but good typing sounds, recommended to use with linear axis, less chance of mistakenly touched, suitable for gamers.

XDA Profile: Less mistake touch

The height of each keycap is the same, the most restore the feel of the axis, recommended with paragraph axis, has larger key surface contact area than the DSA profile, suitable for people who have a long time typing needs.

DSA Profile: Less mistake touch, Good match for keyboard

DSA Profile has the height of the shorter ball cap, larger contact on the surface than the other profile; Due to the same height, it allows players to match personalized keys as they want. 

MDA Profile: Good texture feeling, Less mistake touch

The height of MDA Profile Keycap is stepped, it has good feeling of typing, but has general sense of hearing, less chance of mistakenly touched, recommended to use with a linear axis, suitable for people who have a long time typing needs.

SA Profile: Good appearance

SA Profile is the highest height keycap, no obvious ergonomic curve, we recommend using this keycap with linear axis; also, because the height is high,so it is better to use with keyboard wrist rest pad, in addition to the good appearance, the practicality is general.

To sum up: the higher height of the keycap on the impact of the keyboard is more dry and crisp, the better the effect of the sense of hearing; the flatter the keycap, the higher the value, but easy to accidentally touch when using.

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